Resources for Walkers

As the New Year approaches, many of us have exercise goals. One of mine is to walk as much as I can, and maybe accomplish another Epic Birthday Walk.  For those of you with lofty walking goals, here are some great resources for you to get through the winter months in Seattle.  Also, if you are part of my “Walk More” challenge group, these are essential.

  1. The Seattle Sombrero – Having a rain hat is a game changer. I can hear things around me! I don’t feel boxed in, and I stay drier. This hat comes in fun colors and I get excited to put it on before my walk.
  2. Good Rain Pants – I keep it simple and have these by Columbia. These don’t have to be top of the line unless you plan on walking for more than 2 hours in pouring rain, in my opinion. I got mine at Outdoor Emporium, but their selection is ever-changing. If you haven’t been there, it’s a fun day trip. All things to get you outside!
  3. A Great Rain Coat – We all have one right? If not, consider investing in a decent one. I don’t have one to recommend really because they all fit differently. Just get one that you feel really comfortable in. Wear it around the store, or your home,  for a while before buying it. Make sure the sleeves are not too long because that will bug you on a super-long walk.
  4. Simple Underlayer – I got my underlayer top and bottom at Costco and it works just fine. You will want something other than 100% cotton, so you don’t stay wet with sweat – and it breathes.
  5. Long Exercise Tights (Pants) – In the winter months, I like a full length workout tight with a bit of warmth. Costco might have some made by Adidas for a great price. Kohl’s, Fred Meyer and Target are also good options. Get something comfortable!
  6. Extra Fleece – I like to get my fleece at Value Village (a huge thrift store). I have a fleece jacket and hat to wear when it’s cold, and maybe not raining. You can’t have too much fleece, but you probably know that already.
  7. Wool Socks – These are essential in the rain, because I have NOT found a pair of shoes that keep me 100% dry. If you wear wool socks, you shouldn’t get cold in our temperate climate, even if wet.
  8. Shoes – In general, I like a shoe with no heel rise. But you have to work up to that if you are used to wearing any kind of heel at all. My favorite brand is Altra. You can order with free shipping to try them on, or go somewhere like Road Runner Sports to have them help you. I’m happy to talk to you individually about shoes as well.
  9. Half Foam Roller – for calf stretching – if you are in my challenge group, you will receive this and learn how to use it. And you may want to get more! It’s the most handy thing to have around the house. Check out my Holiday Guide for a great foot massager.
  10. Stretch Stap – This prop is especially useful for a lying hamstring stretch. I will teach you this exercise if you are in my challenge group. Plus there are other great exercises you can do – and it’s a small piece of equipment that you can have anywhere.
  11. A Step Tracker – I didn’t always track my steps, but recently I have found it very valuable. It does motivate me and I love looking back on my progress. I use the most basic Fitbit, but you can use anything really. Even a free app on your phone, although this tends to run the battery down.



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